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Darius Nack
Greetings ladies and gentlemen,
If you like futuristic aspects and want a great story to be made from it I would definitely want to role play with you. Is this is not a full-on sexual story as I've said this previously that if you are female I will maybe do lewd roleplay in it but it will be story-driven.
If you are male there would barely be any sexual aspects in it at all.
You must be 18 and up to role-play with me as I am 25 years old so I do not want any minors getting in trouble neither do I as an adult to get in trouble.

I have the story written down and I have the ideas along with the character that I will be.

All I need is your character along with what you feel you would want in the role play as role-playing should always be talked out and not just going full throttle without any explanation of anything.

The last thing that I would like to say is please be respectful of me and my character as I will do the same for yours.