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Violet McCurleyque

Interdimensional traveler

Adoptables: Cyclops Cat

Hey guys! I've got my first batch of adoptables in and I'm very excited

The basic colored versions on the top row are all 15 dollars a piece with the bottom row of delux skins at 25 dollars a piece.

This is a paypal only sale on a first come first serve basis. Please clearly claim which cyclops cat you would like to take home with you and I will message you to send you your invoice.

I found these guys in a little scrap of reality floating between two dimensions. They do that *thing* with their neck when they're up to something. They are always up to something.

Please do not resell or edit the art piece in any way. Obviously you can redraw the character doing whatever you want and sell that piece if you want.
On purchase I will send you the original full resolution with no watermark including a transparent version