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Request: D&D Tabaxi Monk


Miss Fluffy Bottom
Have a one shot coming up this weekend and I usually prepare a visual for my character but I am lacking time as I am prepping for conventions.

If your not familiar with a Tabaxi it’s like a Kahjit from Elder Scrolls games. (Kitty peoples)

Looking to get an image of a Tabaxi Monk that is like a Nebelung, (Fluffy and gray colored cat breed). Athletic build but toned arms. Weapon is quarter staff and unarmed claws.
He is about speed as he will have a courier background. Maybe an image of him making deliveries.

Thanks for taking a look!


Hope I'm not too late. I apologize for the big pics.

Don't know how couriers look, but to be nimble in olden times they need less weight to deliver packages safely. Perhaps mix this image:


Source: www.google.com: Redirect Notice

Minus the metal armor of course, with a mix of this:


Source: www.google.com: Redirect Notice

Note fluffiness as a sort of tuff but not mimicking a lion's, but keep the mobility of appendages athletic.

With of course some monkish traits of the East:


Source: www.google.com: Redirect Notice

Hope this helped.