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Dakimakura help (Peach Fuzz)


New Member
Hello all,

I hope this is the right place to put this thread I figured you guys work with fabric and materials so hopefully this is the right place to ask.

I have treated my dakimakura very well and only sleep on it with clean hair. I tend to use it mostly for sleeping on and not as a dakimakura. The material that is made out of is peach fuzz.

I have had my dakimakura for about one year now and I’ve noticed that only on one side of the pillow it has gotten rough compared to the rest of it.

I believe that this might be dust buildup although I’m not 100% certain though I do sleep with a fan on

I hope that somebody knows what’s going on with my dakimakura and possibly a fix to make it smooth again or if nothing else tell me what I can do to reduce the wear on my dakimakura

thank you for your help,

Otter Time

-also here are some pics of both the good side where it is still very smooth and also the bad side where it has gotten rough.

Good side
www.furaffinity.net: good 1 by otter_time
www.furaffinity.net: good 2 by otter_time

Bad side
www.furaffinity.net: bad 2 by otter_time