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Dak's Bio Form

Ran across Arrow Tibbs' character form. Looks like fun! So here goes. Comments invited!


Name: Dak Throqutak
Age: 22
Sex: male
Species: Avarrian Kobold
Height: 3 feet, 2 inches
Weight: 80 lbs

- Hair and scales: brown fungus hair on scalp, orange-red scales on body.
- Markings: none (although his fore-claws are longer and sharper than the average
- Eye color: green
- Other features: two long horns on the head, cluster of sharp spikes on the occipital skull region, one nose horn
Behavior and Personality: peppy, enthusiastic, absent-minded, geeky, but able to summon great courage when needed

Skills: engineering, trap design
Weaknesses: disastrous level of cluelessness, flirting easily embarrasses him, can't hold his liquor

Likes: traps, chatting, blackberry mead, fresh bugs
Dislikes: vegetables, boring things, having his tail yanked (totally not cool)

History: After his parents were killed by adventurers in the overworld, Dak and his sister Kak were raised by a kindly human farmer and his wife. Later, the two young kobolds found their way back to their tribe to help rebuild it after its enslavement by the Drow. Dak rapidly grew to prominence, especially after his traps almost singlehandedly drove back a group of experienced adventurers. Later, Dak encountered a silver dragon named Stonemane and swore allegiance to him. In turn, the dragon taught Dak about nobility and leadership. Since then, Dak's become a trap-maker for hire, helping anyone that he feels is less fortunate. And it's true, he does do occasionally help evil creatures, but only to balance the scales against worse things.

Magic: Dak is completely illiterate when it comes to the mystic arts. He's not a materialist, but he has a kind of mental block when discussing magical things.

Clothing/Personal Style: light armor, engineer's outfit, toolbelt, backpack, safety goggles

Goal: just wants to help out. Making his fortune wouldn't hurt either. ;)
Profession: trapster, engineer
Personal quote: "Aww, bat's breath..."
Theme song: "Gather" from Hearthstone -
Birthdate: June 26, 844 GK (Goi Kû - "Tribal Year")

Favorite food: bugs, preferably deep-fried
Favorite drink: blackberry mead (yum!!)
Favorite location: his workbench
Favorite weather: anything but sunny!
Favorite color: rust

Least liked food: veggies (definitely not yum...)
Least liked drink: water (never touches the vile stuff)
Least liked location: magical glens with fairies and elves ("How can I build a clockwork out of morning dew and fairy dust?")
Least liked weather: direct sunlight

Favorite person: his sister Kak (when she isn't ribbing him)
Least liked person: his sister Kak (when she IS ribbing him)
Friends: Anyone who wants to talk shop
Relations: one sister Kak, adopted kobold brother Dar, and adopted human sister Emi
Enemies: too many to count (all those Squishmaster 5000 sales have come back to haunt him)
Significant other: his work (honestly, he's been known to cuddle with a good blueprint!)
Orientation: straight as an arrow
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