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Dance with me, Travis ((No More Heroes!))


Wrenchnin of Rapture
Ok guys, I don't know about you guys but I love this game! A couple questions for everyone, first off, favorite Beam Katana, next, Favorite enemy Assassin, finally, can someone help me find a desktop background of Henry and I also want a picture of him.

My favorite assassin so far is Letz Shake!
My favorite katana is the one that Henry uses!
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Lavender Scented
I felt extremely robbed against Letz Shake.

Beam Katana: One developed by the military.
Favorite Assassin: For some reason I lean toward Bad Girl.
No. And next time, phrase your questions in the forms of questions.


Wrenchnin of Rapture
This is also a discussion, the thing about Henry was a bonus thing, an after note. Personally though, I feel that the game gets a little repetitive at times with missions, but a sequel should definitely be made!