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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Dancing Faun/Satyr adopts - 15 USD | 2/3 Open


Dancing Fauns / Satyrs
Updated 12/11-19


www.furaffinity.net: Dancing Faun/Satyr adopts - 15 USD | Open by Emya

I'm obsessed with satyrs right now for some reason. I visited Pompeii this summer and ever since I saw the faun statue from House of the Faun I wanted to draw some fauns/satyrs based on it, and here they are.

Payment through Paypal. I need to receive payment before I send you the full file of your design.
Each of them comes with 1x fullzise .png of your chosen design as shown + simple colour palette.

#1 - 15 USD - Available
Most closely inspired by the statue from Pompeii, but with deer-like legs.

#2 - 20 USD - Sold offsite

More elf-ish, plus leaning into the greek, more horse-like satyr.

#3 - 25 USD - Available

More straight up goat-like. Also because I love freckles.

• Pay 30 USD for #1 or #2 to get an additional fullbody drawing of your purchased character including whatever (relatively minor) changes you might want to do to the design. Simple shading included.
• Pay 35 USD for #3 to get a deal like above.

• Please credit me (my toyhouse or DA account) for the original design whenever appropriate.
• You are free to use the design however you wish.
• You are free to change the design however you wish.
• Please don't resell the design for more than you puchased it for, unless it is accompanied by additional art, writing, significant changes or anything else of value.

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