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Dangerous plant




IF YOU SEE A PLANT LIKE THIS go away from it, its dangerous and causes burning on your skin.

Its also able to kill

Ahkrin Descol

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Trust me, you don't want what I posted growing near you xD


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I really did think that this thread would be about marijuana, but it appears that folks are wiser these days, and are discussing things that are actually dangerous.


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Thanks for reminding me that I absolutely despise weeds... If they touch my bare skin I freak out and now you tell me that there's something that cam burn me if I touch it (whether it is in my area or not) I'm not going to go near any plants for months!


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IF YOU SEE A PLANT LIKE THIS go away from it, its dangerous and causes burning on your skin.

Its also able to kill

My whole backyard is full of plants that are practically identical to these. Mine are harmless wildflowers but I had a bit of a doubletake moment.


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Stinging Nettle?

I've read about it.

I wonder if it is around in West Java, Indonesia?

U. dioica is abundant in northern Europe and much of Asia, usually found in the countryside. It is less widespread in southern Europe and north Africa, where it is restricted by its need for moist soil, but is still common. In North America, it is widely distributed in Canada and the United States, where it is found in every province and state except for Hawaii, and also can be found in northernmost Mexico. It grows in abundance in the Pacific Northwest, especially in places where annual rainfall is high. The European subspecies has been introduced into North America and South America.
In Europe, nettles have a strong association with human habitation and buildings. The presence of nettles may indicate the site of a long-abandoned building. Human and animal waste may be responsible for elevated levels of phospahte and nitrogen in the soil, providing an ideal environment for nettles

I assume not? Of course, y'all probably have other awful weeds to deal with.
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I will deliver the explosion
Why not? I totally want a bouquet of oleander and stinging nettles for Christmas. C'mon Joshi get with the times yo. Roses are totes overrated.

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... Pain that lasts for days, weeks... even years on end? Yeah Mario's piranha plant problems got nothin on this.


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Stunning nettle is great to make soups out of. Like borscht, but with those instead of beets.


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We have lots of greenbrier around where I live. The worst thing is when a good, long vine gets wrapped around your leg while you're walking, then chainsaws through your skin when you take another step.


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And here in the US we just have poison ivy, which gives you a really nasty rash.


Most people don't have Giant Hogweed near them, but many have Queen Anne's Lace around them, which is entirely harmless.