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Date Furries (18+)


I'm not really looking for partners, but I'm willing to overshare.

I live in this country: Australia
My age is: 33
My gender is: Male physically, but only because I'm too much of a coward to come out as trans.
My sexuality is: I would say asexual, but still have a sex drive, so who knows? It's why I like furries. They're so visually interesting it makes up for any lack of physical attraction.
My body type is: My chair begs for mercy. Also extremely masculine, despite all my best efforts.
My religious views are: Omniquantist. - If God is omnipotent and all things are possible, then it's possible that all religions are correct simultaneously. Or I could just be an atheist. Either or.
My political views are: I think the CEO of Australia is doing alright. Can't think of his name, though.
My hobbies include: Computer games, roleplay, avoiding people, looking for things I put down a moment ago and lost, eating, programming, watching YouTube, thinking about doing things then never doing them.


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I don’t really do online dating but I’ve been feeling pretty lonely recently so imma post here anyway... Hmu if you’re interested, but please know I’m just looking for friends, and if there are any furries in my area at all I’d love to meet up once COVID settles down because I have only a few IRL furry friends :(

I live in this country: USA (Wisconsin)
My age is: 18, almost 19
My gender is: Cisgender Male
My sexuality is: Gay (Might be into trans women though? Not positive on that rn, kinda questioning on that front)
My body type is: Twink
My religious views are: Complete Atheist, but I respect all religious views that don’t oppress other people! <3
My political views are: Very Liberal/Left (VERY passionate about social justice, tolerant of all views unless they oppress other people)
My hobbies include: Composing music, playing video games (specifically Pokémon, Zelda, Minecraft, Metroid, Bayonetta, Earthbound, Undertale/Deltarune, and sometimes Mario), video game music, video game development, art, roleplay (SFW and NSFW), romance, gay furry Visual/Virtual Novels (I can never remember which word the V in VN is), competitive Pokémon battling, food, idk what else to put lol.

Side note: I am currently talking with a guy who I like and he likes me back, and we both agree that there is a very high chance that we will start dating, and so I’m no longer looking for nsfw or romantic rp partners or friends to talk about that stuff with, and I am not looking for a romantic partner any longer.
I hope to meet lots of new furry friends! Hehe uwu
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I figure'd I'd post, now that I'm out looking for a partner!

I live in this country: United States (Pennsylvania)
My age is: 21
My gender is:
My sexuality is:
Straight (Romantically straight, sexually bi leaning straight)
My body type is:
Dad Bod (Tall, broad shoulders, little bit of gut but not alot. 6'2" and 225lbs)
My religious views are: Non Religious
My political views are: Leaning Right
My hobbies include: Gaming (PC), Fishing, and generally hanging out! I do not drink or smoke.

I'm finishing my computer science degree this year, and figured now would be a good time to seek out a relationship!


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I live in this country: Thailand (Would move out to somewhere else eventually if possible)
My age is: 22
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: Gay, polyamorous
My body type is: Slim, skinny
My religious views are: Atheist
My political views are: Idk, it depends
My hobbies include: Drawing, writing, listening to music, making music (still a beginner), RP (only with friends that i know for some time a while).

Additional notes: I'm only looking for guys within the range of my age to not older than 10 years ahead of me. I've been suffering from PTSD and depression, so i tend to be pretty sensitive to things sometimes. I'm an introvert irl, but i always seek for new people through internet to be friends with lol. I'm also a therian as well.

I like listening to metal music (Symphonic metal and gothic metal specifically) over any other genres, and like watching thilling movies. I'm pretty much of a dreamer who heavily likes fantasy/spiritual stuff, as well as mysterious and sci-fi stuff, which they're also the main themes whenever i make art or write stories. I like to create many fiction characters and build my own universes for them, although i haven't yet draw them all because i still gotta learn more on art. I also tend to be very deep and might sound nonsense sometimes, but that's just my characteristic.

Oh, and as of a partner, i pretty much prefer the daddy type of guy btw, but not like the beefy ones XD
I don't mind them smoking or drinking, but just don't consume too much on those things.

If you want to talk with me, just DM me on here. I might be slow at it, but i will reply eventually. It would be nice to get to know people who could share the same interests as i have. I might put more into this, but idk what else i can put for now.


I'm going to do this for shits and giggles.)

I live in this country: United States of America
My age is: 28
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: Heterosexual, but I have standards.
My body type is: Slightly unfit, but getting back into shape.
My religious views are: A mixture of Methodist and Baptist.
My political views are:
There was a time I was once a moderate, but due to how batshit insane American politics and petty they have become, I have moved over to being conservative center-right. I am lenient on certain things, but I will never be considered a liberal and my tolerance for socialism has worn thin.
My hobbies include: Computer games, roleplay, Warhammer wargaming, writing, shooting guns, playing with my dogs, running outside, discussions, social gaming, making art.


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No harm in trying i guess

I live in this country: Eastern Washington, USA
My age is: 26
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: straight
My body type is: a few extra pounds, but working on it (already down 80#)
My religious views are: Non really
My political views are:
My hobbies include: The main ones are; vintage vehicle restoration, videos, and computer games. I do however also enjoy being out in nature camping, hiking, boating, fishing. Taking road trips, listening to music, watching movies and things on netflix, and sketching out vehicle designs.


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I live in this country: USA (Oregonian)
My age is: 27 (april, 1993)
My gender is: cis Male
My sexuality is: straight
My body type is: Dad bod, not perfect..
My religious views are: atheist
My political views are: in the middle of all the crossroads. A bit of everything.
My hobbies include: Reading, woodworking/carpentry, robotics, metal fabrication, construction, guns, and knife making. Gaming a bit, here and there as well.


cowboy babey
I live in this country: USA (NC)
My age is: 19
My gender is: trans male
My sexuality is: gay (taken, just lookin for friends)
My hobbies include: drawing, roleplay, gardening, cooking/baking, character design, coming up with stories in my head that i will never write

Note: i don't get bonded and affectionate with friends, but i am friendly and i'm willing to be there for ya and chat about common interests ! i'm also autistic so social situations are a challenge for me at times.
I live in this country: America
My age is: 21
My gender is: male
My sexuality is: Gay
My body type is: pretty average imo but 5ft, 11in Constantly trying to get in better shape through better eating and cardio. Weighed 180lbs last time I checked.
My religious views are: could care less about this
My political views are: ^
Hobbies: I’m up for many things. My hobbies range from technology, sports, cooking(super ameature), video games, etc. I dabble in a lot but also have no defining interest. I bounce between these hobbies a lot.
Ambitions: I’m unsure on what I want to accomplish in life. I do know I want someone who is pursuing something in their life so that I can support them. I’d love to push each other towards goals we alone may not pursue.
Opinion on drugs: I like the idea of trying new things but would never do anything extreme. Marijuana and alcohol are the only ones I've done thus far. They are fun but they don't define me. I only bring this up to dismiss people who are entirely opposed.
Honesty: I need someone to be approachable and never walled up enough to lie to me. I want to give someone the ability to voice anything instead of keeping it to themselves. My entire life, I’ve been practically talking to myself. I want to feel heard by someone and I want them to feel the same.

If you’re interested at all, simply send me a message. Lets chat a little through messages! And just a heads up, no hard feelings. That goes for both of us.


I live in this country: USA - not opposed to being imported somewhere else.
My age is: 32
My gender is:
Female biologically, in my head idk anymore.
My sexuality is: Demisexual, but I would be comfortable in an asexual relationship.
My body type is:
Short 'n' wide - working on the latter part.
My religious views are: "Spiritual but not religious" is about the closest thing. Ask if you wanna know more, it's a bit complicated.
My political views are: Centrist as fuuuck. I try to see points from all sides as best as possible and then make a decision based on fact. I lean conservative in some areas while liberal in others. In general, I prefer to avoid political conversations. It doesn't interest me and just creates strife.
My hobbies include: Video games, spoops, music, watching stuff online, and D&D sort of (I love dice and want to play, but life doesn't let me). I would also love to get out in the world and explore more, but too chicken to do so alone.

I'll be frank, three of the main reasons I have trouble finding a mate:
1. I don't want kids biologically and prefer not to have them at all, but will consider adopting an older child. Adoption is already my middle ground compromise, I can go no further on this.
2. I don't have the perfect body and have some health issues. Even if I were to somehow get back to my prime, my prime was still very sub-par compared to other gals. If looks matter to you, which for most people it does, you'll be disappointed.
3. I'm very cat-like, which means picky picky picky and sometimes touchy. Imagine how your irl cat is... That's me, but less cute. I try, but at this stage in my life, I just gotta own up to the fact that I can be difficult and find someone who is willing to accept that and realize that despite me trying to improve there's some traits I just can't fight. I can purr though, so there's that.

I'm not into taking things casually anymore at my age, so if you're just looking for a quick hookup or someone to waste time on, it ain't me. I don't really expect a whole lot out of this, but it can't hurt to try, right?


Time in a bottle and sweet dreams!
I live in this country: US (VA)
My age is: 18
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: This is a hard one, I dont really know the word for it. But I like people who I've formed an attachment with. However I find most people attractive sexually. (Has a slight male lean.)
My body type is: Uh... Somewhere between Ectomorph and Mesomorph.
My religious views are: Agnostic, I believe if it can be proven with science then it is fact, until it can be disproven (ie theories)
My political views are: Based on this test I'm liberal, which I would agree with, however I'm not radical. I do my best to work with people of varying beliefs, however I would rather not date conservatives (The last relationship didn't go well.)
My hobbies include:
Well with hobbies I do a lot of different things. I've been doing martial arts for over 10 years now. I like playing video games, I'm an amateur artist. I like exercising, especially with other people! Doing it alone is so boring. I role-play a lot, and.... Hmm, I dunno, I spend a lot of time on faf.

Hope I look enticing! :3
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I live in this country: USA (north carolina)
My age is: 18
My gender is: male? (kinda questioning)
My sexuality is: bi
My body type is: skinny (kinda like an eboy or femboy)
My religious views are: none
My political views are: I cba with politics
My hobbies include: making music (pretty much anything heavy) anime, modeling, fashion, 420, skating


I live in this country: USA (North Carolina)
My age is: 35
My gender is: male
My sexuality is: bi-curious female and herm preference
My body type is: pudgy
My religious views are: Omnist
My political views are: Democratic Socialist
My hobbies include:
Warhammer 40K, X-Wing Miniatures Game, Drawing, NFL Football, Tabletop Board Games and RPGs
oh shii u dont live too far from me


I live in this country: USA (NC)
My age is: 19
My gender is: trans male
My sexuality is: gay (taken, just lookin for friends)
My hobbies include: drawing, roleplay, gardening, cooking/baking, character design, coming up with stories in my head that i will never write

Note: i don't get bonded and affectionate with friends, but i am friendly and i'm willing to be there for ya and chat about common interests ! i'm also autistic so social situations are a challenge for me at times
what part of nc?


The Cat in the FAF
Y'know, I actually genuinely would like to try dating and finding a special someone

I live in this country: United States (in New England in particular)
My age is: 24
My gender is: Trans female
My sexuality is: Bisexual
My body type is: Slim (140 pounds)
My religious views are: barely religious Christian Protestant considering just being "spiritual" with no particular religion
My political views are: Leftist. I voted Democrat but I consider the Democratic Party to (generally) be too right wing
My hobbies include: animation and especially anime, video games (especially jrpgs), chess, coffee, and Pokemon.

A little about myself: I'm a bisexual recently started transitioning trans girl that just moved up north from the rural south last year. I'm a very shy person, usually taking a little bit to open up. I try to be as kind as possible and treat people better than I would have them treat myself. I'm a bit of a computer nerd, having built my own computer that I use primarily for PC gaming. I love JRPGs and animation, especially anime (but other countries works are cool too!). I also read comics and manga, though I'm trying to get into more regular books. The His Dark Materials series fascinates me. I'm super into cutesy frilly girly things and things with lots of edge, horror and tragedy. Also stuffed animals are wonderful!!!
I live in this country: Russia
My age is: 29
My gender is: gender fluid (pronouns he/they, AFAB)
My sexuality is: pansexual
My body type is:
short&chubby aka hobbit
My religious views are: agnostic
My political views are: none
My hobbies include: cooking, books, manga/comics, LARP, anime, craft, dancing, etc.


trans girl, arctic fox, dingus.
Not entirely open to dating, atm (at least not within the fandom), but always happy to talk to new peeps.

My age is: 19
My gender is: MtF Girl (she/her)
My sexuality is: Most comfortable calling myself a lesbian, still tryin to figure it out and i dont like labels
My body type is: Scrawny to the bone
My religious views are: Atheist
My political views are: Strong left/socialist/ lean
My hobbies include: Programming, punk rock/heavy bass production, video games including most RTS's and MORDHAU


Lucas, the wanderer
I live in this country: USA, California
My age is: 27
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: Bi curious, female preference
My body type is: six feet, 220ish pounds, more or less.
My religious views are: Agnostic atheist, but respectful to the other religions.
My political views are: To each their own, but me personally? Screw that messy noise.
My hobbies include: Gaming, mostly. Little bit of guitar, did some covers of video-game songs. Not amazing by any means. Besides some web surfing, that's about it.
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might as well update a bit lol.

country : usa oklahoma
my age : 30
gender : male
sexuality : bisexual :a little more on the male preference.
hobbie : mostly gaming and working xD
looking ? yep!


Sorrow has left me here.
I'm only interested in women right now, don't argue with me about it.

I live in this country: USA, CA
My age is: 26
My gender is: Female
My sexuality is: Bisexual
My body type is: Chubby, 5'3" (prefer people my height or taller)
My religious views are: Atheist
My political views are: Mostly liberal
My hobbies include: Drawing, crafting, painting, playing video games watching anime, playing the piano and kalimba, learning other languages, playing and spending time with all of my animals.

I own 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 bearded dragons and 1 cockatiel. My pets aren't going anywhere, they are my babies and will always come first. I will never have or want human children. I usually work 5 days a week but have been on disability for the last month and a half. Will be back to work soon.


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I live in this country: United States, WA
My age is:
My gender is: Female (quite tomboyish/trans-curious)
My sexuality is: Straight but if the right female comes along I don't see why not.
My body type is: Skinny/ slight chub (4'9/100lbs)
My religious views are: Atheist/ Agnostic
My political views are: Politics are so dramatic but we do need to know what's going on in our government
My hobbies include: Gaming. Anime. Walking. Listening to music. I want to get into other hobbies but I tend to start projects and never go back to them :/