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(Commission) Selling: Date with Eros! Full illustration commission [fixed price, $15]



hello everyone!!

i am happy to introduce eros, my lopunny-morph! he has a LOT of love to give, and this valentines season, hes excited to rack up as many dates as possible

for a fixed price of $15, you get:
- a custom fully shaded illustration of any character of your choosing AND eros, together, in any scenario of your choosing (or i can have full creative liberty!)
- the illustration will be created entirely from scratch!
- sfw and nsfw dates are both ok! any gender, any species, any anatomy
- you get to pick the interaction type, the outfits, poses, background, or leave any of those things to my discretion
- some kink/fetish situations are ok, but ask first if youre unsure! they come with an added charge of $5
- for extra shipping charges, ill also be happy to print and mail you a physical copy of your illustration

check out the finished examples in this folder

theres unlimited slots for this! theyll follow the same turnaround time and process as a regular custom commission

post a comment here to claim a slot, and i will note you asking for the details of your commission (character reference, chosen scenario, outfits, poses, backgrounds, etc). ill then link you my paypal for payment ($15 + any extra kink/fetish or shipping charges, in USD full, upfront) and upon receiving it, ill get to work!

i will keep you posted throughout the entire process - ill show you shots of my progress to troubleshoot errors

when im done, ill send you the high-res file of the illustration, and mail you the print if you chose to get that too

no refunds after a piece is completed!

thank u so much, and have a great night! <3

check my other valentines themed full illustration ychs here:
www.furaffinity.net: !!ADJUSTED PRICES!! YCH - Valentine's Day 1 by skyphile
www.furaffinity.net: !!REDUCED PRICES!! YCH - Valentine's Day 2 by skyphile (nsfw)
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