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DEAD THREAD: World of steam (sfw(as per usual))


kleptomaniac for knowledge
The year 2148, the world was thirsty for power it, accidently shuts down all forms of power, from solar panels to wind turbines, all exept for steam, so people start using it, to modernize, but most people went crazy from the change, and were out for blood, most just wanted to survive, so they ending up making weaponry, and dens to live for another day, the only thing possible of restoring power is the atom reactor, in America which powered down in the first place and most parts were destroyed, but some one was able to make blueprints that could fix it but nobody knew where he was and if he was even alive, and people know they would get a payday and a half with the blueprints, and it was a nonstop manhunt, most didnt mind, others were getting greedy, but very little were wanting to just bring the power back and make sure the guys all right, and so are story begins......

Please post below if you wish to join in and I'll add you to the list, after most spots are filled this will be closed and it shall begin in private (as most know so you didn't have to go through,)

1. Unoccupied
2. Empty
3. Still not active
4. Ok this is getting old
5. Just kidding
6. Open for rent
7. Don't believe number 6

And me, see you soon
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