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Dear Cat Owners of FA

My fiance has an adorable little kitty named Kokito. Yes, like Toquito.

He was his stepmom's cat but the stepmom abandoned him at his place so now Kokito is convinced my fiance is his daddy and he loves him way too much to be seperated from him, so we both decided that when we move in together we're going to take Kokito with us.

Kokito however slowly flicks his tail when I'm around and also meows a lot at me and seems at least very anxious and such around me. I would like to know how I can get him used to me more, I was considering feeding him a few times would help, maybe giving him some of his kitty treats.

I also would like to know what I should be expecting as a cat owner. My mom is allergic and I have never really owned a cat full time.

I do know one thing, Kokito meows all the time and loves to knead my fiance's chest haha.

I should get a picture of him, I can try next time I'm over at his condo.

Post pictures of your kitties and stories if you feel it necessary.


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just playing with him and brushing him gains trust and makes them like you. Just expect the vileness that is cleaning a litter box. There's this arm and hammer deoderizing stuff we use for our kitties that works pretty great.

Also, Greenie's brand makes some kitty treats that all my cats go apeshit for. And they love catnip. All good things to gain some love.


feed, water, thats it.


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Consult the resident vets for better information, but my experience with kitties is that it is best if you let the cat come to you on its own terms. If he is uncomfortable around you, keep you distance but call to him and generally be nice. Works for me on the stray cats I find. May take you thirty minutes (one stubborn ass cat) but eventually he should chill out and make nice.
I have a cat.

A suprisingly retarded one. He doesn't protect the house at all.
For example, two days ago, three cats went inside the house and he didn't even try to stop them. He just sat on a wall and looked on them. But... when I come and see the cats he becomes the hero of the day and makes them run away.

He is a scardey cat.. Alone, he is nothing, but with his owner? He can murder the american goverment with eyes shut.

He is a british shorthair, and his name is Alfredo, he has rings of shaded fur on his tail and practically he looks like a mix of a rabbit, a cat and a teddy bear.

Sometimes if he comes back from the outside he brings leaves and dirt inside the home, that is badly.

He is in my house about 4 years back from the times he was a kitten.

Also, he always sleeps where he shouldn't. On towels, folded clothes, my bed, my papers, my books on the floor, on the sofa, on the table and on the chairs.

I just sometimes scratch a bit behind or between his ears and on his neck, feed him and give him water, let him sleep 20 hours a day and let him go outside and go inside back after 12 hours.


1) give him canned cat food as a treat (fancy feast wont make him fat!)
2) feed him purina one so he wont get uninary tract infections.
3) water.
4) pet him
5) ????


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A punch to the gut, that is the most important thing to give kittens, it stimulates growth!


When you approach him, do it slowly and maybe crouch to the ground. It makes you less threatening to them.

Also, if he wants to sniff your hand before you touch him, let him.


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i actually feed my cat by nature, which is leaps and bounds better than purina(barf, fillers)

offering him tasty treats and speaking in a low, quiet voice helps, play some fun games with him; i toss q-tips to my cat's feet and she mauls them. let him chase something at the end of a string and don't attempt to groom him til he has a better bond with you. Stroking his back and not rubbing his tummy; most cats don't like tummy rubs, it is simply a sign of acceptance/submission.

fancy feast can make a cat fat if it is the only thing you feed it, just like all wet foods. Wet foods in moderation are a wonderful treat and a great way to teach your cat to come when you call him(tapping the lid and then offering the food teaches to expect a reward when they hear the noise)

keeping the cat indoors only will minimize stress and eliminate the need for a coat change, so dander and shedding are very minimal, great for people with allergies!


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I adopted a wild cat, it was outside for a long time, and never really left it's mother's side, but I took him. He was freaking out and like running all over my house, just going crazy, I chased him around all over the place in attempt to pet him, he would run under our cabinet in the kitchen and hide there for hours.
I just kept chasing him around and petting him when I got the chance, offer him little treats like tuna, and pieces of my food. I fed him, and gave him water, got him used to me.
Now he loves me too much, if he sees me, he instantly meows, then runs in the direction I move.
So pretty much you just have genuinely feel love for the cat, and pet him, food and water (never hurts to give them a bit of cream/milk on in a while). Wet food, and find what it really likes :3


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Oh look, a premature fiance.


I've pet many cats at the shelter, and most of them, while they may try and hide in the corner of the cage, will usually warm up after enough time and come closer to you if you let them sniff you, and pet them a bit around the chin.


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Let him sniff you before you pet him. Then yeah, attention = good. As long as he gets fed by someone, feeding him is less important to the bonding process than simply paying attention to him and letting him warm up to you at his own pace.


Try giving him lots of kitty treats, and when you pet him try not to look towards him. I own two cats and they both respond better when you're not looming over them and looking them in the eye. Be patient and let them come to you on their own terms.

Hand around them more often but try not to make it a big deal.


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It's a cat. A cat won't like it, he will tolerate you. If you won't get in his way and do what he wants from you.

Oh look, a premature fiance.

Joke's been done.


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Well, as well as giving it the correct stuff and amount to eat and drink when it wants it, I found that being there for my cat allot of its earlier life made it like me allot more than anyone else at home.

Giving the cat a cuddle when it's not busy is good too.

Now my cat literally never leaves me alone and loves to lick my face and press noses with me. lol

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