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December Advent Commissions



It's that time of year! I'm having my December Advent Calendar sale.

How does this work?
-When you choose your slot on the calendar and claim it, that will be the day you receive your finished commission. Payment is taken before I begin work, so if you are choosing a larger commission be sure to pay early to ensure I have time to finish in time.
-These are primarily "wing-it" commissions. This means you won't receive a WIP unless it is one of the slots in the final week. I also can't take written descriptions because of this, so please have a reference of some kind.
-There will be no extra charges for complex characters like there are for my usual commissions. Additional characters will still have the same extra charge however.
-NSFW commissions are fine, but please read the NSFW Section of my TOS before asking for that.
-If you would like a commission that isn't on the advent calendar, I am open for regular commissions as well, but please understand the Advent deadlines will take priority, so your commission may be delayed.
-If you bought from the calendar last year and the price of that type of commission is different this year, you can get it for the old price! Consider it a loyal customer discount~

Slot Types
Most of the commission types listed can be found described on my website: karmalarma.weebly.com: KarmaLarma
But there are a couple that I don't normally offer.
C. Sketch- This refers to a colored sketch. It is the same as the fullbody sketch listed on my site, but I color and soft-shade the picture. This will not be especially clean but for an example of what to expect, check the colored sketch on this doodle page: www.furaffinity.net: [COMM] Advent Day 21 by KarmaLarma
Custom- This refers to a custom character design. You choose a theme or colorscheme or some sort of prompt and tell me the species and gender you would like for the character, then I design the character for you and provide an inked and flat colored picture of the design.
Dakimakura- This refers to a pair of full body pin-ups, one from the front of the character and one from the back, in the style of anime body pillows. They will be inked, colored, and given mixed shading.
Doodle Page- A page of cleaned sketches, at least four with at least one of them fullbody sketch. Please choose only one character, and while you cannot specify exactly what the sketches while be, you can tell me about the personality of your character/what sort of mood you would like to ensure the sketches are appropriate for your character.

Animated YCH- This is an animation "your character here" I'm auctioning off to be finished by Christmas Day. This slot is being auctioned here.

Claimed slots are kept track of on the original post so make sure to check there to ensure the slot you want isn't already taken if you wish to contact me via the forums.