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Decided to redesign my fursona - wanted to share.


I decided to do some fine tuning to my fursona. I posted a couple days ago on whether or not I wanted her to be a skunk, or a skunk/rabbit hybrid.

I have decided to go full-skunk. I'm embracing it because I think skunks are so adorable and introverted. I'm sharing a photo below.

I used a base for a squirrel-like design to draw her. My drawing skills leave a lot to be desired, so I'm starting by relying on templates and bases for the hard parts. But I'm still impressed with what I was able to do. :)


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Yep, definitely a good choice! Setting all modesty aside, skunks are indeed adorable : P

Also, hello & welcome!


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Going out on a limb here...

Is there a special place for skunk furs? On the forum, I mean, not in our hearts :p

Well..not officially, but you'll see us around on a rather silly thread in the games section called Predators vs. Prey

...and in the (very real) yet fictional land of Skunk Hollow : P