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Deciding on fursona species, please help!


Demon Lord
Make a list of animals you like and check them off one by one. I think a Panther or Avian would fit you.

Hakar Kerarmor

Be a degu. Degus are always the answer.


New Member
No, fruit bat only for me and ouiji!

Hey, don't hog all the batty-ness for yourself mister!
See, ya gotta ration out these things, you're part wolf so you only need a partial proportion of bat-ish-ness to satisfy you're avian-rodent needs.
Sorry, it's in dah rule-book, section H-b paragraph 3 under the chapter on purple batt-y wolf punks

Don't make me write you a citation mister!

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!


New Member
Why not a shark?

Sharks are solitary hunters of the deep, unafraid of darkness, imposing and confident (going off the tomboy remark), and well I would imagine a shark would have a pretty dark sense of humor, I mean you eat people (among other things)