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*Deep breath* Christian furries?

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well, i feel comfortable saying i am a devout Catholic and after attending mass over 1000 times i have a strong faith in what i believe.

i don't think there is a big contrast with being religious and a furry because i was made this way by God, so in few words, "do as comes natural"

the thing is the Bible contains actual ways to lead a good life.

and some may be saying "yea and that 'turn the other cheek' crap lets people just walk right over you"

but if we think about context and the time it was written what is means is:

when a servant or slave is punished he is struck with the back of the hand, in a demeaning act. But if you were to "turn the other cheek" he would have to strike you with the palm of his hand, or how he would hit a person of equal status.

i don't believe that the earth was created in seven days but i do believe that if God wanted to do it he could.


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Raised catholic, but because of that I've learned enough to mock it forever.


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Wow, VeggieTales music started playing the moment I clicked this thread. o_o

... I have very little else to contribute. I'm not Christian, but I respect anyone who has thought about their faith.


I believe the term they were looking for was 'gnostic' a belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ as a great prophet and leader in principal and deed as opposed to a savior or child of God as written by the churces 300+ odd years after his death.

I sort of lean in that direction myself.


Most Gnostics have a pretty deity-ridden interpretation of the universe.

IE: Iatralbaoth, Sophia, Jehovah (New Testament God). Most Gnostics also believe in the triadic division of the universe (you could argue that the corresponding Apostle-Saints are deities in their own right, much like some sects of Christianity view Catholicism's saint worship as polytheism) - Hyle, Psyche, and Pneuma; which is outside of most modern Christianity. So, I doubt he was "looking" for Gnosticism.

I stay close to a sort of revised Valentinian Gnosticism, but I'm not certain if that is nearly Christian enough to be my very own Christian murr~pile.
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Born and raised Methodist. But because of getting sick of politics within the church, I left. Now I just consider myself a Christian.
I have a very strong faith and rely on it. Without my faith, I doubt I would have survived as long as I have. (severe depression)


i was raised catholic, but now i'm agnostic. no one can prove to me whether or not god exists
no one can prove to me whether or not the tooth fairy exists

I am tooth fairy agnostic
well played, hahaha
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I'm half Christian, half Jewish, and I gotta say, It's pretty cool.


The hell am I reading, here?


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Christian here...and reaping the benefits....


Raised that way...then disappointed the family....I guess now I would be considered agnostic....I don't think Ill ever go back to church...I never really felt "good" there


I am. And I think it's sad I'm a furry OR a Christian. But I like what I like, and I believe what I believe. I explore all different lifestyles and religions, and this sick, twisted combo just happened to come about. No, that's not a skateboarding reference.

I find my religion to be qualified and reasoned. My preference for anthros has no reason or logic behind it. So I'm open about my Christianity, but NOT open about furriness. Yet I dislike Christians AND furries equally. Go figure.
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