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Noir Gladia


www.deviantart.com: [ADOPT] Sound of ancient worlds [Set price::OPEN]
www.furaffinity.net: Sound of Ancient Worlds by noirgladia

His deer half is more like a fawn body but with more muscle at the chest to hold the human half, and his horns are mature elk horns. His horns, tail, and right arm show galaxies on them and may have some special magic in them, which is your decision after adopting him~

In my headcanon, he reads the movement of stars in his galaxies to predict the future, which he never tells anyone. Without his permission, the sound from his bells can be heard by a few special people only, and they ring musically in different tunes to each other, because everyone has their own future awaiting them~

Of course, it's just my headcanon and you can make your own story for him after adopting~ I really expect to know what you'll let him do~ (ノ>▽<)ノ~

He is waiting for a good owner, may you take him home? ^^

PRICE TIER - What you will get
There are 3 tiers of price to buy him with respective bonus~ ^.^

★ $75
- Full-size PNG file, transparent BG, no watermark.
- Flat color version with palette

★ $100
- All tier 1 files.
- Flat color clothes reference sheet, with coloring guide for his galaxies and deer back.
- Unclothed version PNG file for new clothes demand~
- Change color if you want to~

★ $125
- All tier 1 & tier 2 files.
- A bonus chibi art. Examples.
- A bonus painting portrait. Examples.
- Change color if you want to~

★ First come first serve.
★ Ask first in case anyone has bought the one you want.
★ I'll also post this on other sites so that more people can see.
★ About holding, your rights after bought, and other rules, please read my ToS: sta.sh: Noir's Adoptables - Term of Services.
★ Credit me whenever necessary. DA: Noir-Gladia