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That one guy.
Anyone here still remember the "Deltora Quest" books?

This is the first fantasy book series I ever got into. I've recently finished re-reading them all since the last time I read them was over a decade ago.
Took 2 years, but I did it.

So far, most of the odd-numbered books are my favorites, plus one even.
1. The Forests of Silence
(Establishes the world, story, characters, and their archetypes well enough)
3. City of the Rats
(The most gruesome, "cult"-like entry, I'd say)
5. Dread Mountain
(Further raises the stakes of the group by having Lief find out about his parents, introduces the Kin species, shows a bit about Doom, etc.)
8. Return to Del
It doesn't seem like it starts out strong, but once it gets moving and the tribe members come together, it's a rollercoaster of close calls and plot twists. Surprisingly good stuff.

As for the others:

2. The Lake of Tears was okay, better than the other even-numbered sequels.
4. The Shifting Sands was meh, even with the Rithmere fights and deceptions.
6. The Maze of the Beast felt like the most boring entry in the series. Guess pirates generally don't excite me much.
7. The Valley of the Lost was mostly mediocre, although there were a few significant moments with Doom, the Guardian, and the big puzzle at the near-end of the book.
The big boat incident with Dain was okay.
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That one guy.
Oh yeah, I loved that series as a kid :D the covers are so cool!
Unfortunately I could only find the first 4 books. But I sort of want to read them all again now xD
These books are a lot more brutal than I remember them being.

People get beaten, stabbed, poisoned, eaten, killed, have their flesh fall off their skin, etc. Rotting corpses of humans and monsters are sometimes mentioned throughout the story.
One book has the walls of a cave filled in with the bones of eaten folks.

These books were attainable in grade school libraries.