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Demisexual thread (plus Aces)


Demi here, but also perfectly ok with a non-sexual relationship. I'd far rather no sex than being expected to have tons of it, even with someone I'm crazy into.


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We all should have a cake like this:



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Heyo! I'm in a relationship with my self (ace), and I'm one... no, seven pieces of work lol, so I figured I'd belong here. How is everyone?
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I'm on the Ace side of things. As a teen I thought I was Demisexual but it turns out that was just undiagnosed reactive attachment disorder (spooky) so now I consider myself Greysexual since I'm mostly Ace, but can get up to mischief.

Though lately said mischief has been triggering a disgust in me, so maybe I'm slowly changing into a different kind of Asexual yet again? This feels like pokemon evolution lol. Good thing sexuality is a fluid thing - speaking of fluidity, I also consider myself "Homoflexible".

For those curious.

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Demisexual, pansexual, bisexual, I'm just sexual and I'm ok with that!

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I can find it quite perplexing how people can see others as being sexually attractive by objectifying them just on there appearance.
In fact I find this quite upsetting when I'm around people that openly express this.

For me I find that attraction is something that develops through engaging with an individual and making a deeper meaningful connection.
Which is probably why when people ask me about the type of person I'm attracted to that I'm unable to give a definition. When I do feel an attraction towards another, that attraction is as unique as the individual because it is founded on who they are as an individual and there unique qualities.