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(Commission) Selling: Demons to furries, demon furries? Oc/fursona/persona Portraits starting at 20USD!


Hi there this is Kimber on FA, I hope I'm doing this right, this is my first time signing up in the forums and I'd like to promote what I can do for you. I'm in a bit of a rough spot with finances and would like to offer my skills to pay the bills (and spoil my furbabies) I've been doing caricature at a theme park seasonally for 3 years



I can draw up a Black + White inked portrait of you or your original character! I'm down to draw any kind of OC, anthros, monsters, aliens, humanoids, people, etc
(Can also do softcore nsfw pinups, ask if you're unsure I'd be comfortable doing your request)

B+W Bust Portrait
$20 USD +10 additional character

B+W Mid
$30 USD +15 additional character

B+W Full
$40 USD +20 additional character

+$10 to $15 USD for additional details depending on complexity

Color Portrait Bust SALE!
$30 USD +
15 additional character ( Normally 40 +25 ac )

Color Mid
$90 USD +30 additional character

Color Full Body
$125 USD +50 additional character

+ $20 to $30 USD for additional details depending on complexity

Paypal @ teamrocket1234[at]hotmail.com

I require at least 25% partial payment upfront before I start to know you're committed to buying!


Please help me and I'll help you, we are behind on rent and having a tough time catching up...I am willing to negotiate payment plans and prices! I can draw anything from furries to people, I'm not picky!


4-tailed kitsune
I may need to remember you! Also great work either way!! Good luck ^_^



Long time no see! This was originally a doodle commission of someone's OC on Deviantart that turned into something more complete, as thanks for her being patient with my struggles


4-tailed kitsune
Still here by chance?