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Depressing albums


International Man Of Mystery
I really enjoy listening to some sad tunes when I’m down in the dumps, but I’ve really only got two albums that I know of and that I like.

World Coming Down by Type O Negative
One of my favorite albums by one of my favorite bands. This one is about problems each of the band members are struggling with, ranging from drug addiction to loss of a loved one. Just overall great and depressive! <3

Radio-Activity by Kraftwerk
Also a really great album by one of my favorite non rock/metal bands. And this one is about nuclear annihilation and the importance of communication.

Post your favorite depressing albums below!


"I say we forget this business and run."
I'd argue that the Trespass album by Genesis qualifies: While some of the songs are seemingly rather upbeat between tempo and music, the lyrics generally range from "Existential exhaustion" to "Aftermath of surviving a nuclear apocalypse".

The Knife, for example, is about how violent revolutions can be co-opted by those tapping into popular sentiment to further their own ends, and Stagnation is the second of the lyric examples given.

Still rather enjoyable to listen to, but if you spend more than a few minutes to ponder on them you quickly realize "Oh, none of these have undeniably happy endings."