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Free Art: Dergens request thread (RE-OPENED 1ST COME FIRST SERVED)


Pirate Fox Mom
Don't know about a ref sheet... But like this image of @Rystren but super long. If that is okay with @TR273.

Ok with me. :)


Most powerful dragon human hybrid in the universe


Blue Frog
Ima be honest here, you're just giving me more questions then you are answers. If you're not happy with the end product say so. I prefer honesty over my feelings
If you asked me I'd say he's being honest, judging by the time we've been hanging on the forums already. This is just how Uni is - a derg of very few words.


The cutest derg
*Bump* anyone who was in the queue who did not receive a picture your orders have been cancelled, New conditions added because as usual I dived in at the deep end, and it backfired!

People whom have already got something from me can request another drawing that isn't just me copying the references.


Canis Centaurus
Could you stick me in this suit?


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