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(Base/YCH) Selling: Derp Serg (and any furry) Icons! -Combo 2 for 15$-


New Member
I've re-opened for commissions!
Get your character an adorable and funny version, perfect for telegram icons!

-I can work with any species
-I can see NSFW refs, however any NSFW icon will cost more
-Every two icons you get the combo (for example, you purchase 4, you pay 30$ instead of 36$)
-I's usually one character per Icon, but is possible to have it with more than one (each character will cost an icon)
-I work in 512x512, perfect for telegram Icons
-Paypal only

If you are interested, pm me with: The amount of Icons, what are they doing and the references so I can work in. I'll request the payment beforehand but is usually when you are next in line.

Hope you have a beautiful day~~