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Design a Fursona

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Okay, I know the basics of what I want. So I need someone to whip me up a (G-rated nude) ref sheet please. Maybe just a two view (front and back) with a closeup of the head with her mouth open? And a serious/uninterested expression. No 'omg i'm so happee' smiley faces. I don't do that shit. >:C As always post prices, examples, and turnaround please. <3

- Female
- Marble fox (Artic Marble?)
- Body type: Err, a few extra pounds, especially around the hips and thighs? I ain't anorexic either. <.< And for breast size about a 38D? (don't want a fursona with like 40DDD or anything lol). And a long fluffy tail. :D
- No hair (as in human hair I don't wanna look like a nekkid mole rat).
- I do like the black around the eyes and black ears with the gray markings, but i'd also like black patches on the cheeks and for the face markings to look like a skull. And black skeleton hand markings on the...hand paws. The artist can make up the other markings so long as they're natural black/gray marble fox ones.
- For eyes I want the right one to be white and the left eye to be blue. Uh, for the pupils i'm not really picky you can do 'human' ones or fox ones so long as they're the same size.
- Tongue, mouth, etc I want to be different shades of pink (or something natural) with black pawpads and nose and white claws.
- For accessories i'd like three silver piercings in each ear, and a black spiked collar with a silver heart lock (spikes and lock silver). Something kinda like this but with no rhinestone please.

I did find a few pics of marble foxes if anyone wants to look at 'em.
http://www.nc-claws.org/aurora4.gif (I do like how this one has markings down the back and tail).

Do I need to add anything else? Oh, and don't worry about adding a name or info to the ref since I might change it.


well i adore your idea and character you came up with =3
i can do a ref sheet front, back, three quarter head w/mouth open the expression and up close of paws/eyes for 3o$
turn around would be possibly done before christmas or a little after the holidays at the latest


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I could do this for about $25-30. I love doing ref. sheets that I can play with the idea for. I really like when the person doesn't have much to go with besides descrips. I'm odd like that. If you decide to go with me, could you note me please? ^^

Oh! Just in case, I can only take payment in the mail, check, money order, or concealed cash. I will finish the pencil work before I ask you to send payment, and probably have it done by the time the payment reaches me. Especially if I like how it's progressing, or I get bored. Thanks in advance if you choose me, and if not, I hope you find an artist that suits what you want! <3


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If you have not made your choice yet, I can do this for you, for 25.00 - 20.00 if you would like, payment doesnt need to be made til after new years if that is better for you.


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Herro, we've worked together before, and hey, character sheets are on sale for Christmas! $20 this time <3

So if you'd like, I can do this. Just let me know via PM!


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I can do a reference sheet for your character for 25$ . They contain a front, side and back view and some close ups (also they have a "chart" of the fur pattern of the character).
Some axamples are here:
If you don't mind waiting a few days for a personal project to finish, I can put you in my commission waiting list.


I could do this for $45 with three different views, full color.
Here's one example, if you want more just let me know. :)
I can do it for you. I do everything traditional and make sure you get your moneys worth. if you have a budget i will work with you. for this one i will say $25 for the pic and $5 for shipping it. ( i need to get shipping envelopes) I do everything in colored pencil and make sure it is the way you like it before coloring in. here are some samples of fursonas that i have done. I accept paypal and money order. let me know what you think. If you like what you see please feel free to click the paw and leave me a note on my fa page. it will make it much easier for me to keep track. i have downloaded the reference pics to do your fursona if you decide to go with me. I also wanted to let you know that i will need an actual pic of yourself showing off your personality. because i will be transforming you into your fursona!

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3073860/ (mine)

I hope to hear from you soon!
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Sounds like a fun character! I'll offer up my sevices.

For what you requested (two poses and a head shot,) I can do those for $40. This would be inked artwork with basic coloring. One, regular ink'd and color pose would be around $16-20.

Turn around rate is USUALLY within a week or so. But, I'm sort of in the middle of computer issues right NOW, which I imagine can't last longer than a week (need a new video card.) So, if you're interested, note me, and I can keep you updated.

Just Clicky the Pawprint for examples. I have a couple sheets there.


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I'm up for doing it, for around $10-$12. D:
Examples are in my gallery; click the paw. c: