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Design Contest!


Anti-Rape Boosh!
I have realized what has caused me to be so A.D.D. with current art. I have an idea stuck in my head that doesn't wanna come to life. SO. I ask for your help!

I've recently given Aurora a backstory I am content with.

Here's the gist:
Her village was conquered when she was young, and her and her brother, Leonardo, were sold as slaves to an armor maker. There they learned how to make quality armor for warriors, hunters, and so on. After an attempt to escape, Aurora was forced to watch Leo's execution while she was raped by her master. As she grew older, the customers began to take an interest with her. Her greedy master took this opportunity for more money and whored her out. With this she began to learn secrets of battle, who to talk to for hunts and other important info. After she kills her master, she escapes. She then makes some armor for herself and becomes a bounty hunter named Leonardo.

Aurora needs her some bounty hunter armor designed because I fail at armor.

- Must be a bit on the manly side. She is disguising herself as a male.
- Light to medium armor.
- Face must be completely hidden.
- I imagined her helmet having a compartment for a voice changer. Dunno if that would affect the design or anything.
- Baisically, armor for her shoulders, forearms, chest, back, thighs and shins.
- Please keep in mind of her horns, tail, and hooves.
- Not too particular on the color choice. Have fun with that =3
- Be as creative as you want!
- I haven't picked out a weapon for her yet, so you can be creative with that as well if you want to include a weapon.

- I will use the winners design!
- Winner will also recieve a single character full colored piece!

Due Date:
Aug. 16 2010 - Sept. 16 2010

Please post a link to this journal with your submission.

Please post here if you have any questions!! Thanks 8D