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Design me a chihuahua?

Dread Husky

Just another nobody...
Yeah, I remember a while back at least a couple of you said that my personality reminded you of a chihuahua with behavioral issues and food aggression so i'd like to try one out. :D Anyone up for designing it? This will of course be a ref sheet commission. Let's say back and front view, looking grumpy, G-rated 'nude' for markings, wearing a collar like this with a body build similar to her. Please post prices, examples,and turnaround. Also post how much a three view and any extras would cost.

I do have a few specifics such as a a long hair/coat chihuahua, no bug eyes, with a right white eye like this and a brown left eye, long hair on her ears, a curly tail with long hair, and for her to be white with black and tan spots (and a tan spot above each eye like huskies do). As for where the other spots are i'm not gonna be too picky.

Few examples:
I'll be glad to draw you a scrawny, snappy rat! Price for. Front and back in colour will be $20, +$5 per extra view and $1 per detail shots such as open mouth, eyes and tattoos. Since it will be traditional work, I can mail it to you, but I charge extra for P&P.

Examples are on the paw to te left and in the "traditional" link in my sig. Hope you like what you see! ^_^
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Shy Butterfly
I am a traditional artist, click the paw for recent art examples, if you are looking for a traditional artist? If not I am getting a tablet very soon, if you are willing to wait? Please message me if you are interested.

Are you looking for both feral and anthro references? I can do both.



Copic Corgi
I'd love to put in a bid for this ^_^ $40 for a ref sheet, 3 views (one front, one back, one clothed and shaded), accessory closeups, and three facial expressions.
Drop me a line if you like what you see. Turn around is a week or less, and you can watch me drawing it live via feed from MSN or livestream.


I can do you a turnaround with a few expressions for $30 with flat colours. I don't have any examples of ref sheets since I've never really done one, but I can show you my sketches and coloured work.

Character design sketches:


If you're interested, PM me through here or send me an email at saeto_15@yahoo.com.