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Detailed traditional monochrome portraits for $10


Noir Fetishist
All slots currently taken! If you are still interested in getting such a commission from me, either keep an eye on this thread for an update on when I'm open again, or check my page journals for when I announce openings!

~Example Batch 1
~Example Batch 2
~Example Batch 3

Just like the above examples, for your portrait you can expect it to be highly detailed and rendered roughly shoulder-up, with color accents for the eyes. I do these in a combination of black ballpoint, pens and markers. As the title says, I charge $10 for one, although if you want two (basically a whole page to yourself) I can cut a deal and make the price $16 for a page in such a case. I will not be shipping these, unless you commission multiples and therefore I've put your portraits on their own separate sheet. In that case I charge $3 for shipping in the US and $5 anywhere else. Please note me on the mainsite if you are interested: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/corvusfae/

I'm taking 4 slots for now, and it's a good chance I'll open up more slots once these 4 are done, so stay tuned! These are not simply first come, first served; you claim a slot when the full payment and transaction has been confirmed!

1st-4th slots: Full.
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