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So I saw Detective Pikachu yesterday and it's all I can think about now. I can't tell you how much I loved this film. It wasn't particularly ground breaking in anyway but it felt like a love letter to fans that grew up with the series. Everything from the music, character designs, gaudy outfits, subtle and not so subtle references, and the sheer number of Pokemon they managed to animate and place in each scene really made me "Feel it in my jellies".

Did anyone else have a religious experience here, or was it just me? :p


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I wanted to see it yesterday but the session was full. Can't wait to go this weekend


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Going to see it next weekend along with John Wick 3. Reading your brief description fills me with even more anticipation then before! :D
Let me know what you think of it! I may be a little bias but honestly I can't wait to see it again and I rarely watch a film more than once in theaters.

I wanted to see it yesterday but the session was full. Can't wait to go this weekend
We caught a matinee at like 1:30 and I was honestly surprised it wasn't packed. I hope you get a chance though!


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I was iffy on whether or not I wanted to see this.

After reading this I think I will. I hope I like it.
You really should! I remember when it was first announced and saying "What are they thinking? This is going to be awful!" And then as the trailers came out I got more and more intrigued and excited. After watching it yesterday I am more than happy with how it turned out. I think I could go as far to say it's the best video game film.

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Love this movie! Just saw it today - been waiting 20 years for something like this and while it isn't perfect it did not disappoint.

I am extremely happy with how they utilized my all-time favorite Pokémon since I got into the franchise. I wasn't even expecting him to be in this, much less be that important to the plot (I only watched the first trailer prior to seeing the film to avoid spoilers).

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Saw it today, and I'm quite impressed! Was a great nostalgia trip, and had fun Pokemon spotting in a lot of scenes! The bit with Mr. Mime was no way near as creepy as I thought it looked in the trailer, and was a highlight of the movie!

Never saw John Wick, though. The cinema sold out...boo!


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I enjoyed it, even though I did spot some inconsistencies here and there. That's just part of the fun of watching movies for me. Along with finding references.

Still can't believe there was a nod to the original Alien in there! What kids are gonna get that?