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Developing your character's voice?


My first partial didn't really have a moving jaw and was difficult to really perform in since I made some mistakes that really impeded my vision. But for my first fullsuit, I've been working a lot more on her character and would like to talk as this character. My dragon is meant to have a sort of biker chick type appearance and the accent I have for her right now sounds sort of an Eastern accent with a hint of Rizzo from Grease, but I'm not quite happy with it yet. For anyone who speaks in suit with anything other than their normal voice, how did you go about developing a voice for your character?


Pick a voice that's easy for you to do that at least somewhat fits the character.
I seriously stress picking a voice that you can do easily for extended periods of time.
Don't be me and murder your throat while voice acting... 3 times. You can't speak for 1 or 2 days and it'll feel like you swallowed glass.


Just don't have your character bark all the time and sniff at everyone's ass.


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Some characters' voices have come more easily than others--whether in terms of the inspiration, the execution, or both.

First, I reflect on who the character is.

At the same time, I think about what I want to accomplish with the character. How should people feel when they meet the character? What's the character's purpose? How do I want to feel when I play or interact with people?

From there, if I'm affecting an accent or the like, I'll listen to videos or tapes of that accent, and practice.



Haha, no squeaking or barking. I find there's already plenty of characters who act like they're just animals or toys walking on two legs. Mine's more of a person and I'd rather just talk as her.

As for the rest of what was said, thanks! I think I'll start looking through some different sorts of accents I think I can do and pick a specific one to look at rather than being so general with "Whatever sounds like an exaggerated biker/greaser accent".