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Development Role-play (Symon Slavyre)


Winged Waltz
I was wondering if anyone would aid me in making my fursona a better character, we could roleplay, and I could take criticisms.

A bit about him

Name: Symon Slavyre
Age: 26
Gender: Male (but accepts female pronouns)
Sexuality: pansexual (closested)
Occupation: High school teacher
Likes: music, writing, and going to cafes for inspirations.
Dislikes: fighting (especially if someone could get injured) and Snakes (Trauma, but he will speak to Scalesona without a problem, just not pets)

Extra Information:

Symon Slavyre is a young, but stern fellow, his golden gaze will stare amongst his class as he teaches, proud of what he does. When he gets home he greets his little girl of only six years of age- happy to have such a wonderful girl with the biggest heart. The stress does get to him however after filing for divorce from his wife soon after Myra became one, this was because of him speaking up about how he grew up in a no tolerance home, back when gays were not accepted. After finding out that he was a potential gay- Dara lost her mind, assuming he was nothing than a no good cheat. Years later he suffers from abandonment issues, often clinging to someone for support, ever since he hasn't spoken about his sexuality either. Many relationships end in disaster with men, when he pleads for them to keep it private.

Appearance: (Art by me)


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