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deviantArt Version 6


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I went to check my dA messages today and was greeted by a new message center, with thumbnails! That's nice. But I predict that the site will still be as slow and bloated as ever. Thoughts?


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It feels to me like DA became envious of digg.com's appearance and decided to copy it. Halfway.


The new coding and layout seem a lot more efficient and bugless, but the overall organisation is rather confusing - at least at first.

The lack of smooth edges and random elements sticking out like a sore thumb are rather annoying. The green tint is officially the dumbest idea to plaster over an art site - though FA suffers from the same problem, if to a lesser degree (light-blue theme).

Change = Uncomfortable.


It was a little bit confusing at first but thumbnails are nice. I don't really care what they do with the look though, but if it slows the site down then I'd want it to go back to what it was.


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Epic Failure.

They couldn't just leave it alone and fix the existing bugs they ahd to re-do it >.>

I hates it >.>


I'm hardly a hardcore DA user but I don't see the problem :V What's confusing?
New layout. Adjustment time, obviously.

I hear they also managed to remove a few old features (which I never used myself) - but, if you're really working on that Ferrox thing, you should know what that means.
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It's there. I'm glad to have thumbnails now, in any event. It was a little confusing to use at first, though. Ahahahaha. Not that I use DA all that often anyway, though.

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It's really nice to have thumbnails on the personal deviations view (meaning those on your watch list) now, but the things seem to have gotten bulkier in appearance. The front page looks a little annoying, but it'll just take some time to adjust to.

Seriously though, I think that if they really want to change anything about that site, it should be the colour formatting and whatnot.

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I wonder if it's diffrent for non suscribers...hummmm..but anyway, i don't care for the look. and it does seem a bit more confuseing. i could always see the thumbnails so that's not really new...meh...something to get use to i guess


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The new coding and layout seem a lot more efficient and bugless, but the overall organisation is rather confusing - at least at first.
More efficient and bugless? Rest assured, they'll correct that mistake.:p


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New version = OMFG Soooo slow!!

and hard to get around w/o clicking the wrong button.


ok I really do not get it

it is clean and organized and things are clearly divided

what is the problem

I am adamant about this because I am almost solely responsible for the next FA UI :V


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After the initial surprise and wondering how to get around, i find it quite enjoyable. The color scheme sucks though, also the front page is ugly now.


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It runs smoother and it does look better. I just don't like how they show your favorite artist's updates. It looks a little too much like the pages where you go to buy the artist's art. It just something to get used to. Not that I'm all that fond of DA anyways.. But its an improvment over the old version.

People are just grumpy because of the sudden change. People aren't fond of change.