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Did anyone becoming a furry start with...


I started with Krystal from Starfox and Carmelita Fox from Sly. I like anthro art but I have a hard time actually declaring myself a "furry" because some people make it a weird sex thing. I'm just here for the art but I guess that still makes me a furry. Actual dog fuckers aside, furries are the nicest subculture on the internet because everybody hates them by default. I lurk on troll forums pretty regularly and have been since the Chris Chan days but I love myself so I'm not gonna stop myself from having fun.

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No forums or websites were needed, my first exposure to furries was a guy at college who was fairly blatantly open about being a furry. Blatant as in "wore a collar that had a d20 as the charm on it". I remember him because he knew a little too much about hyenas. And I think the only joke I remember cracking about him was finding out from others in that nerd group that his image of himself was of a St. Bernard, at which point I asked where the keg was.

My actual start as a furry was some time later when I was in a gaming group with a couple of furries from elsewhere in the US.

I'd say the last couple years is when I started bothering with the other aspects.

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... Going to forums and websites where they needlessly harassed and hated furries? Because when I was young, I went to several communities that hated furries in treated them unfairly, and I always hated that.
i like to go to harassment forums to screw wit the haters there.
that's kinda how i got here.


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Sorta, started a self hating furry and trolled some other furs out of embarassment of being a furry. Not the most mature thing, no! That's just how it is with teenagers sometimes though.

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I never visited any websites or forums. The first time I heard of furries was in high school where I was talking to one of my classmates. It was what you expected. He gave me the classic "they are people who dress up as animals and have sex with each other" which, shocked me.

Fast forward one decade later, and I still have to admit, he is a bit right in some regards :p


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My journey to becoming a furry was very positive, actually.

I remember being exposed to Furry YouTube at some point, and I just fell in love with all the colorful fursuits! Telephone was actually the suiter who really became my first role model in the fandom, and in my opinion, I couldn’t have picked a better person. My interest then expanded to YouTubers like Pocari, and Majira- so on and so forth.

So I don’t remember thinking anything negative when I came into the fandom, honestly.


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I still have yet to start, haven't been converted just yet. Been aware of the fandom for a decade now and most of that has been spent around those within it as well.

My time of blind hatred lasted very little time in my early teens as I found furries to actually be intriguing to me, enough so that I did some research and quickly realised "Well. Weird but they're not bad people". I remeber that one of my school friends "Came out" as one to my complete indifference.

My interest in the people of the fandom continues to this day much like my opinion that it's mostly just a bunch of pretty much normal people with an out there hobby.


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I always enjoyed drawing animals from a young age and was drawn to stories about intelligent animals. The first furry-adjacent media I really interacted with was the Twokinds comic that started back in 2003. I didn’t start considering myself a furry until 2019, though. I’ve never felt a hatred or animosity toward the community, but just some embarrassment about being associated with it when I was younger. I won’t go declaring I’m a furry now, of course, but I’m rather proud of my art and how it’s progressed, so I don’t mind when it comes up in conversation.


I started by having a boyfriend in high school that was a furry who was super into vore. Those were some times. I used to be really ashamed of the furry thing because people used to troll a lot over it, then realized it was stupid to allow people on the internet to dictate how I feel about anything, although I never hung out anywhere dedicated to hating furries. I can totally see how someone could get started in a place like that though.

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Reminds me of a twitter post of how someone used to be a furry hater but ended up posting a reference of their fursona saying something like “I failed you brothers.” Which was funny, I’ll have to see if I find it when I get home.

But otherwise nah, I slowly found it overtime by gaming with Fnaf being my first thing close to furry.
The curse of finding an indie game on some random site.


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I found out what furries were after meeting some pretty unsavory furries on Playstation Home. They were creeps.

Even after that bad impression, I remained curious about the fandom and the people in it. I poked my head in and interacted with furries in online furry spaces on some rare occasions.

After I moved to the state of Washington, I made a friend for a short time in high school that happened to be a furry. He was in long distance relationship with a girl that would mail him artwork of both their fursonas together. He came to my house and we'd watch furry cringe compilations on youtube. I commented that most of the clips weren't really cringy and the fursuits were cute. He looked at me with a surprised expression and said something like, "Seriously? Pfftt, nah..."

I ended up joining Furry Amino and I made some pink bear character. I couldn't make a character I liked so I stuck with something random. I really didn't like it, and after a while of boredom and frustration, I left.

Later on, I made a character named Arcadia that was a cat/dragon hybrid. All I made of her were some digital and traditional sketches. I don't think I shared her anywhere.

I developed some other interests over time, and one of them were monsters. A year after forming that interest, I decided to give the fandom and designing a fursona another shot. I made a monsterish character named Jack that started as a wickerbeast and later became a drake. It was the first character/fursona I developed an emotional connection to, so that finally sealed my fate.

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Shockingly enough, that was half how I started. The community I thought I joined turned out to be something truly heinous, and something that I still regret having crossed paths on.

It wasn't supposed to be anything deep, at least, not at my age, but when I found it, I thought since it seemed pretty decent, there would be general acceptance.

Right when I was about to say I was a furry is when all the hate and images began to reveal themselves, clear as day. It was a rather haunting experience, as it worried me as to the rest of the outlook of the community as a whole, and led me to incorrectly think the furry community was toxic.

Thankfully, as the years drawled on by, I met kinder, more....mature individuals who showed me that the fandom isn't all bad, and that what I had seen were merely misconceptions and haters.

Thankfully, my viewpoint has changed now, hence my presence and whatnot.


I've been on at least one furry hating forum before. It was an anime centric forum where they made a hobby out of mocking fanfiction. The mods and members would talk nonstop about how awful furries are. The forum doesn't exist anymore, no idea why. But I just remember how whiny and "pretend edgelord" everyone was in there.