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Did you have any interesting furry/feral dreams recently? Or an old one you couldn't forget about?


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So... did you? ヽ(・∀・)ノ
This topic was inspired by my university teacher because our topic for next semester's final exam is DREAMS! Namely, others' dreams (or nightmares) because we can't work with our own ones. So came the idea to collect these from friends and strangers but I'm also just curious to read it if you don't mind sharing it here. It's okay if there're some missing details or if you can't remember it completely.

Please don't worry! If I'll plan to do anything with your post (which is not the goal here but if something really catches my eyes I might want to), I'm 100% going to shoot you a PM for permission but if you just want to share your story and nothing else, feel free to let me know that you don't wish to receive any PMs from me. The project I need a dream for is a 3d animated short film, meaning your name/identity can remain anonymous during the whole process or you can be credited as the "creator of the story".

Thank you so much for reading and if you decide to post something of yours, that'd be awesome!
Wish you all the best and don't forget to wash your paws!

Nexus Cabler

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I have dreams where I'm my sona once in a while. It's fun when it's a lucid dream, so I can go full super hero.

Kit H. Ruppell

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Yes, but it's a secwet uwu


A couple in the past, but I'm not allowed to talk about them here. :p


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I dreamt that I was my werebat character Dusty, and I was flying over a beautiful pacific northwest landscape with forests and rivers.

Weirdly enough, since I've been watching a lot of fursuit making videos, I dreamt last night that I was making a fursuit head, but I hadn't added the tongue, teeth, and neck fur. It was of some canine character I don't own and didn't recognize from elsewhere.
Part of it was a cyan color, but I don't remember anything else.


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Usually and recently, my dreams are “being lost in the forest” related. Probably due to my constant worrying in my waking life. Most of the time they’re frightening so I guess I will go ahead and call them nightmares. Just once, my usual nightmare took a different turn and I was guided by a dragon gentleman that lived in a log cabin in the middle of the woods with his mate. They were a nice couple and offered me food, something to drink and helped me get back home. I think it was my brain trying to tell me that although I worry a lot, maybe things are going to be ok for me in the future.

I like to incorporate my actual dreams into my writings, sometimes. Stuffs therapeutic, man.


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Many topics on this already.

Short answer for me: Yes

Long answer: found in other similar threads I posted in...

New answer: I don't remember if I posted the one about an Anthropomorphic Moth in my backyard on it's back yelling "uwu" over and over again followed by a random floating coat grabbing me for a hug before I woke up.

That was the latest one I can recall but the details become jumbled because it has been a long time since I had that dream and forgot to write down more tidbits of it lol ^v^