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(Adopt/Character) Selling: (Diego) Character adopt



i'm making an adoptable.

the auction goes here

here's the rules and informations.

(winners can dismiss any of the descriptions as they pleases.)
Name: Diego
Age: 28
Species: Dingo
Height: 173cm
Occupation: MMA fighter
Sexuality: gay

a professional MMA fighter with a heartwarming and cheerful personality, but it all changes when he steps into the ring.

rules and prices

*SB: $75
*AB: $275

*paypal only
*Bid in the comment provided on fa post.
*winners can change his colors as they pleases.
example: *winners will get all hd resolutions of each individual models.
*The auction will be held for 13 days.
the days will be cut 3 days shorter after the bid reaches a certain amount of price.

cut 1: someone started the bid.
cut 2: bid reaches $100
cut 3: bid reaches $200
cut 4: bid reaches $250

welp, hope you're interested in adopting him!
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