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Difference between pancakes and flapjacks


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Hey so just a quick question for those who wish to answer.

Whats the difference between the two I've heard its buttermilk but other times i hear its a size thing?

So if anyone wishs to clean this up thanks.


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I don't think it's regional cuz some of the breakfast shops have both on the menu, yet everyone says different differences between the two


I always assumed they were the same thing. Maybe multiple names for one food?


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I’ve usually just seen it as a regional variance in speech and making honestly. Some places they are interchangeable, some they have legitimate making differences which may be different from the next area. Where I spent a lot of time flapjacks were really thin and floppy, almost crepe thin. But where I am now there isn’t a difference.

So chock it up to regional difference and enjoy whichever.


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They're quite different.


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This is my first time seeing a flapjack, but here we have flapjacks. The "s" seems to make a difference when you google search it, while I do get a couple of results for the flapjack you've provided.

I've heard different people say it's different things. I think it's regional, but regional in the sense that they're made a bit different too. Different parts of the country have different types of pancakes. Some are flatter and more wide, some are medium and plump, and some are a bit fat with crispy edges. I consider flapjacks to be the more wide and thin variety, while pancakes are more of your average medium. I think it's all down to personal preference, though.

For me it's:



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Here in the UK, flapjacks are a traybake with oats. Pancakes often mean a thinner crepe sort of thing, though the American kind are gaining a foothold too. Then in Scotland we have drop scones, which are another small, thick pancake.


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No way!!! That’s like, a granola bar :0

Yeah! A flap-jack is just a plain old pancake, unless you wanna sound like you came out of an old Western Movie, or Texas, or something!

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I'm going to throw a wrench in the system and introduce "hoe cakes" as a third.


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Hi, I'm Canadian, and I'm sorry but what in the ever loving hell is that granola bar thing that is not a flapjack. Flapjacks and pancakes are the same thing.