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I noticed a while back that there's different layouts for beta, which are:
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Dustbunny
  • Puff
  • Retro
  • Terminal

Dark, Light, and Retro are the only ones that work. The others are just a white screen that obviously are in the middle of being built. I'm really curious to see what the other layouts will be, you can find them in your account settings.

Just out of curiosity, anyone know when these will be finished or have you noticed that?

I'm curious to see how they'll look :^o
Something small to look forward to experimenting with~

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Wow, actual themes are in the works? And here I was expecting 10 years for them to be implemented.


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If I recall correctly, the intent is for Terminal to have a black-and-green aestethic. I know I've heard what the intended general color schemes are for Puff and Dustbunny are, but I'm afraid I can't remember offhand. I'm sure Neer will be continuing work on implementing further themes once the demands on his time from working on account recoveries ease up.