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(Commission) Selling: ($35+) Digital and Traditional Commissions Open (Cat Neuter Funds)


Resident Edgelord
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Hello! My girlfriend and I are in a tight spot financially and need to raise money to get our kitten neutered, hopefully by the end of this month. A couple of hundred dollars should suffice. In order to raise the funds we need, I've opened commissions again!

I will draw anthros, ferals, taurs, humans, mechas, and just about anything else you can think of. Expect to be asked for proof of age if you're inquiring about an NSFW commission. Prices range from a minimum of $30USD to a maximum of $100 or more, varying by complexity---but quotes are free, so ask away!

See my commissions page on my profile:

View my gallery:

PM me or contact me at the.punk.monitor@gmail.com for free quotes, inquiries, or to start your very own customized art piece.
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Resident Edgelord