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Hello! My name is Alan, I’m a professional freelancer, a horror and romance artist specifically, and I am open for commission! I love drawing characters of all shapes and sizes.

Transcribed prices:
  • Headshots:
    • sketch: $15
    • ink/tones: $25
    • color: $35
  • Busts:
    • sketch: $25
    • ink/tones: $35
    • color: $45
  • Full body:
    • ink: $50
    • color: $60
  • Icons: $15
  • +$10 per character
    • Bonus! Romantic couples half off for additional character
  1. Prices are USD.
  2. I do humans, anthros, gijinkas, gore, body horror and monsters! Original or fan characters, won’t matter to me.
  3. First draft of your commission will be sent via email, for approval, in which you may request anything be changed, or redrawn completely, anything to make you a happy customer with your final copy!
  4. No prices are final and I am willing to discuss.
  5. Payments are through paypal; payment need not be submitted until the first draft is approved, however payment will be needed to see the finished product. I will send you an invoice.
  6. Please be as detailed as you wish with your request, provide as much reference material as possible there’s never too much reference! Any reference material, whether writing or even just images from google will help.
  7. I do nsfw, and I am open to most everything, however I reserve the right to deny your commission if the material makes me uncomfortable. Pedophilia, incest, and scat or anything like that will be shot down immediately.




More examples of my work here and here.

Please contact me at capealans@gmail.com for service or further information!​