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Digital Art Commissions starting at $1


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Digital Art Commissions starting at $1 and $6 max price.

So, here's the thing. I'm totally broke with no job so, I need to raise some monies. o3o I'm really never on FA but a friend of mine said I would get more feedback here than I would on dA, so here is my paypal commissions list and if anyone has any opinions about prices or anything please do speak up! I have a relatively small goal I would like to meet and I'll keep open as many slots as it takes to reach that goal. :3

*50x50 pixel icons: $1
*100x100 pixel icons for: $2
*Pixel sprites: $4

*with or without blink animation

Flat price for drawings: $6 (2 character max) The detail of a drawing depends on the inspiration I get, so you might get something leaning towards realistic painterly, or you might get something more stylized. Either way it's a pretty good deal. C:

Examples in my dA Gallery:
Comment Here or Note me on dA if you're interested. ^w^
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New flat price for drawings, 2 characters max is $6! c: