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Colorist, Illustrator, Sequential Artist

I'm a professional comic book artist and illustrator looking for drawing/illustration/comic commissions,
Prices start at 15$ and go up from there.

You can either get a digital file via e-mail or if you want it printed there will be separate fee for shipping
Samples of my work:




I will draw:

  • Original characters with reference
  • animals
  • Pairings of licensed characters
  • Licenced characters
  • backgrounds
  • Nudes
  • furries
  • Pairings
  • LGBTQA stuff
  • Anime
  • Realistic.
  • All comics Inquiries should be processed through e-mail via with a pitch and timeline. kathryn silver Comic page rates are higher than illustrations and will require a contract between artist (me) and the person asking. you can contact me through
Will not draw:
I will not draw:
  • Nsfw(Unless dbz, or a pairing I absolutely love, can be negotiated)
  • Homestuck
  • Incest pairings
  • Robots
kathryn silver
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