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Digital Art & Writing Commissions, $30 +


A Wolf, Man!

Hey there! I’m currently offering digital art commissions, starting at $30 US for one-character drawings with $20 per each additional character in the drawing. This is comic book/cel shaded style art with very plain backgrounds. I’m happy to offer custom quotes for more intricate pieces. Any major changes must be finalized at the sketch stage.

I also write! My rate is $0.01/word (US) with a $30 minimum order. My specialty is in the fantasy/horror and humor genres but I’m also adept at other styles. I’ve written a Herman Melville-type nautical epic and I can approximate the formal tone of authors like Edith Wharton.

Examples of my art and writing can be found here. (Sorry, none of my story posts are SFW.)

I take payment via PayPal.