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Digital artist/character designer⭐️


⭐️ Digital Artist ⭐️
Hey! I'm Ven/Lumyn.
General freelance artist, trying to build a separate furry art following, joining the forum to help spread the word.
I'm nonbinary (he/they), 25, and I love making characters and experimenting with colors.
I've been on FA since 2016 but mostly ignored my account until recently, so my gallery isn't very full yet. I do both SFW and NSFW art, in varying styles.

Not doing commissions, but I sell adoptables. Also not very social! Just looking to network.
I mainly post on FA. Most stuff also gets copied to Inkbunny (but I'm only there to hit a wider audience).
My most recent adopts for an art example:



Leather-clad Lobo
Welcome to the forums!

Oh yeah, I heard...things about inkbunny...yeesh. :confused:

It's nice to have a new (sort of) artist join, though! Hopefully you get more work, soon!


Summertime woofer
Welcome to the forums.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.


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Welcome! I hope you have fun!