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(Commission) Selling: Digital Artist, From cartoons to Semi-Realistic paintings, Price range ~ 10USD-100USD


The Eclectic Goth Artist
The rates listed below are for digital art commissions only, and sometimes the listed rates are subject to changes and/ or additional charges. Feel free to message me to receive a quote or ask any questions you may have! My best way of contact is through Discord but I do my best to check my messages at least once daily on all other platforms.

You can check out my profile here on Fur Affinity which is actually under Whitlock-Direwolf Where I have a selection of stuff available to show a range of styles, though not all of them are Furry examples. I have recently-ish crawled back onto the furry scene and look forward to working with you guys!

I do SFW and NSFW artworks, however, in the case of NSFW you must be able to provide proof of age and sign a little digital contract that I keep for my records where you agree that you are at least 18 years of age or older and have consented to NSFW content from me. It will be dated and signed and we both can keep a screencap of said contract.

I'm pretty open to different themes of content but I reserve the right to respectfully decline a commission if the subject matter is something I won't agree to drawing XxXx

Cartoon Style (Examples: Anime/Manga/Chibi/American Cartoon)

Sketch: 10 USD

Line Art: 20 USD

Flat Color: 30 USD

Black & White: 40 USD (This is a full color, but in black and white rather than actual color)

Full Color: 50 USD

Realistic Style (Examples: Graphic novel/video game/Comic/photo study/portraits)

Sketch: 15 USD

Line Art: 35 USD

Flat Color: 50 USD

Black & White: 60 USD

Full Color: 80 USD

Background Add-Ons (Cartoon/Realistic)

Solid Color: -/-

Simple/Basic Background: 5 USD/10 USD

Complex/Detailed Background: 10 USD/20 USD