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Hiring: Digital artist to create a logo for my etsy shop price range $20 to $30 (CLOSED)


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I'm looking to hire a digital artist to create a logo for my etsy shop. I want to use my king wickerbeast ekho as the logo here is his reference sheet: I'd like the logo to be in a toony style but I'm willing to consider other styles.

I look forward to hearing from someone soon
Thanks in advance
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Liseran Thistle

Hello~! I would be interested in doing this for you!

My prices are 20-30$ for headshots and ref sheets, please DM me for more info if you are interested.


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Hi! Here is my commission tread!

forums.furaffinity.net: Commission (Selling): - BillyHeart`s commision [OPEN] 20$-40$

My price is:

From 1 to 2 characters.
PAYMENT: Paypal only
CONTACT: Via messages or via mail (AnSchiArtcom@gmail.com)

Headshot -2O$
Halfbody - 3O$
Fullbody - 4O$

background, +character, wings, and NSFW may increase the price!

Your commission will be finished during the 2 weeks since ordered it. Don't hesitate to ask if you have a particular deadline, be it someone's birthday or any other special occasion - I can prioritize your order.


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Hi there, I've done logo work in the past, working from $30.

Some examples of my previous logo work, most folks requested simple low number of colours.

However we could go up to something more a long these lines