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Digital artwork done fast! No reference needed.


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Hello from Japan!

I'm an artist looking to expand my portfolio with anthro characters.
It has been a while since I've done commissions for the furry community.​

I can do:
Semi-realistic (digital paint)
Style mimicry
(SFW only)
...and more!


Twitch Emote: (1~2 hours) $10USD

Sketch w/ simple background (1~3 days)
Per full body character $10USD. Half $7USD. Portrait $5USD.

Sketch with color and simple background: (1~3 days)
Per full body character $20USD. Half $14USD. Portrait $8USD.

Portrait painting with simple/no background:
Per portrait $50USD.

Painting with background: (2~5 days)
Per full body character $100USD.

I also offer this:
Speed painting (Painting without small details and is only done for short amount of time.) (1-3 hours)
$30 For full bodied characters. $15 for half. (Simple background is free.)

I will gladly quote a price to you for anything you may want.

Please fill out this information:


I want: (Emote/Sketch/Painting/Speed Painting/Reference sheet/etc.)
Character(s): (Please send references or detailed written descriptions.)
Background: (Detailed/Simple/None)
Description: (Poses, expressions, etc.)
Paypal e-mail:
Email to send artwork to:


After we have discussed what you would like, I will send you an invoice on Paypal. Once the payment is received, I will start sketching. I have no problem with sending you progress shots.

You can use your art for whatever you want as long as you don't claim to have drawn it yourself.

Thank you for checking my stuff out!

Message me via
Userpage of Jouzu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Furaffinity Forum conversation
Email: samleewins@gmail.com

On a side note, if you are curious about Japan, go ahead and ask me questions in the comments. I live an hour north of Tokyo.