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(Commission) Selling: Digital Character Portraits - $10 to $50 Sale on


Local Bizartist
Hey folks

Got a mini sale on, knocking $10 off the price of my character portraits for the next 8 slots.

I have some vet bills I'd like to cover, my old lady guinea pig has some potentially cancerous lumps that need removing and contrary to much popular belief, guinea pigs are not cheap to keep healthy and looked after.
So, I'm having a sale on to encourage some extra sales to make up the costs I'm shortly to ensue!
I've already had to fork out this month for a cat having a broken tooth removed so our veterinary care savings are getting a bit eaten away at.

Portraits will be digitally painted, waist/hips up, saved as a PNG with a transparent background.

$50 Portraits examples(Click for larger image):

I'll also be doing some detailed head sketches, usually $18, for $10 for those who can't quite afford the portraits but fancy some art from me too. No limit on slots for those.

$10 Sketch examples(Click for larger image):

Paypal payment only.

Turn around should be roughly 1 day from when your position in the queue is reached and a sketch agreed upon providing you are quick to respond! But may be slightly longer in some cases.