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Digital Commissions 2018 by Dragoncat-Senpai

Dragoncat-senpai@deviantart, tumblr, and furaffinity

Hey Ny'all!

I'm delighted to finally debut my new commission setup! I have plans to expand to traditional and pixel art soon, but for now I'm offering eight types of digital commission! I also have new, easy to use forms for ordering! I hope you like them, and thank you for considering my commissions!☄

TO ORDER A COMMISSION, please comment or note me with this form filled out!

docs.google.com: Dragoncat-Senpai Commission Form

Colored Lineart +$2
Simple Background +$7
Complex Background +$15+ (depending on complexity and style)
Additional Character +60% of the price
Simple to Draw objects are FREE
Complex or Several objects +$3+ (depending on complexity and style)
Complex Character Designs $3-10

⭐You MUST pay in FULL before I will begin working on the piece.
⭐Commissions are done first-come first-serve, and since I am a full time college student I will often not have free time to do them until the weekends. I will keep in touch about my timeline and queue.
⭐All transactions must be equivalent to the price in USD.
⭐I cannot ensure I'll give you what you want without clear direction. Please fill out the form thuroughly and provide clear references. The more detail, the better.
⭐I WILL deny any commissions that either do not comply with my rules or that contain material I am not comfortable with.
⭐I do not provide full or partial refunds for any reason as long as I've completed your artwork. If you are dissatisfied, I am willing to edit the art.
⭐I post all of my work on Deviantart, Tumblr and Furaffinity (if applicable). I can avoid posting to one or more of these websites if asked, and I am willing to send commissions privatly without posting.

⭐Anthro, Feral, and Monsters
⭐Humans and Humanoid Creatures
⭐Robots and Mecha
⭐Nudity and Smut and Most Kinks
⭐Fanart and Fanart OCs
⭐Gore and Guro Porn

✖Bigoted Material
✖Vomit or Scat Kinks
✖Political Pieces
✖Recreations of other Works or Styles
Feral Art:

Simple Backgrounds:

Complex Backgrounds:
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