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(Commission) Selling: Digital Inks Commissions (30-50+ USD) CLOSED


Ow The Edge
Hello! I've sold a few times on here before and I decided to try again after staying away for a bit. I tend to work with digital ink, specifically in Clip Studio Paint. My style tends to be reminiscent of old comic from what I've told, or has a gritty, grungy feel.

I utilize paypal invoices for payment, and have a terms of service that a client will need to respect if they are going to commission me. If they do not, it will lead to immediate refund and cancellation of their order. My prices are below.


If you are interested in my work, please refer to the spread sheet below for availability. There is a link to my order form on it as well.

Availability/Work Queue

Here are some examples of previous commission orders:


Portrait Commission for Sandpadda on twitter.

Fullbody Commission for fauxparagon on twitter.


Ow The Edge
Bump! and a slight update, clients must confirm they are over 18 to make an order. This is to discourage minors from possibly making inappropriate orders, along with reducing incidents where the parent's funds are used without their knowledge.
Thank you for your understanding.