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(Commission) Selling: Digital painting commissions of all sorts! €50~€100


New Member
Hey everyone~

I'm HolyTomatoes and I'm a (mostly) digital artist doing commissions! I have 2+ years experience doing commissions and do it besides my job as a video game artist. I enjoy doing digital paintings in an expressive, colorful style. Bird characters are my favorite!

In my FA gallery you'll find all my work: Userpage of HolyTomatoes -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

My prices range from €50 to €100 for digital paintings, but I offer more budgetfriendly flatcolors and sketches as well. Multiple character scenery paintings go for higher (€150 ~€300) If you're interested in something like that just send me a description and I'll work out a price estimate ^^

I'm cool with drawing almost everything if it's within my style. Sometimes I will decline stuff if it's out of my comfortzone/too much. I'm ok with NSFW stuff too but it will be posted on a different account, I can send examples of my NSFW stuff if interested.

If you want to commission me you can reach me through pm or on my FA account (preffered) Just send me a note and we'll work something out c: