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Professional Tiny Squish

Opening up another art commission special since in need of money due to personal life issues going on.


What I Will Do:

-Sonic OCs
-Gemsonas/Human-like OCs

What I Will Not Do:

-Anything in the realm of NSFW or fetishes
-Characters from official medias


Terms & Conditions

-Full payment is due upon agreement between the artist and buyer.
-I will send 2 WIPs during the course of work, one in the initial sketch phase and one of basic colors.
-Upon completion, the buyer has all rights to the work and will receive non-watermarked versions. I do request if being posted else where to be credited for the art.
-I will provide only one revision after the piece is completed so long as it is a minor one.
-Payments are done through Paypal.
-No refunds!
-Understand that I do art commissions part time, they will be completed in a timely manner and I will keep buyers informed through the process!


Contact Me/Example of Art!

I can reach through the following websites as well as seeing examples of my artwork for those considering in commissioning me:

deviantART: Knuxtiger4 on DeviantArt

FurAffinity: Userpage of knuxtiger4 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Tumblr: kc-creations.tumblr.com: KC-Creations